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A self-motivated and extremely passionate graduate architect that focuses on emerging technologies and environmental solutions within design. Justin graduated with a Bachelor in Architecture from Florida Atlantic University in 2014 and with a Master for Advanced Architecture from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in 2019. He is committed to creating architecture, landscape and design that starts with a logic and ends at a place where both the client and designers can be proud.

Justin does not typically have a discernible style as much of his work focuses on utilizing advanced technologies based in the foundation of functional design. With a clear focus on the process, no matter the design, Justin finds the result through a rigorous passion for design and analysis. It is through this passion that he hopes to inspire those around him.

Justin's current professional work focuses on creating a computational landscape BIM workflow for EDSA. This workflow is currently been implemented in a massive area development master plan, known as Qiddiya. In order to implement this into EDSA's everyday design, Justin has been hosting workshops every two weeks and "Rhino Tip of the Weeks" training videos every week. The 80+ designers have been learning the basics of Rhino and Grasshopper as Justin sees it. This means being familiar with the interface, able to model simple architectural components and using the scripts that have been developed in Grasshopper.


Justin's personal work is currently focusing on natural based materials for architectural construction. Using a custom designed clay extruder he test his materials and parametric designs at a variety of scales, with the intent to 3D print his own home in the near future. He believes that once he is able to construct on earth then space is not far off.

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