DIY FDM 3D Printer

Florida Atlantic University



       The 3D Printer was constructed in 9 stages; frame assembly, x, y, z axis assembly, heated bed assembly, extruder drive assembly, hot end assembly, wiring, and printing. the connection pieces for all 9 stages were constructed Using a CubeX 3d printer and a laser cutter . These 3D printed parts were attached to both threaded and smoothed steel rods. this allowed the printer to remain stable as the motors turn. The hot end extruder head and extruder drive are a one of a kind design. to allow the spool of PLA/ABS to be secured to the printer the extruder drive had to be removed from the top threaded steel rods. The extruder drive was then re-designed out of 1/4” Plexiglas, due to its strength, and secured the extruder motor to the Plexiglas. The hot end extruder head was mounted to a custom 3D printed part with an attachable fan directed at the nozzle. The Heated Bed allows the material to adhere to the table without the use of glue, used in many other 3D printers. The heated bed ensures that parts will not be lifted from the bed during the printing process.

SLS 3D Printer


FDM is not the only type of 3D printer that I have experience building and maintaining. Below is a image gallery of an SLS 3D printer I began constructing back in 2016.

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