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Fabrication Lab Lighting

October 2018


CNC machines were introduced in the middle XX century into industry, changing the conception of the production of objects and parts. The relationship between architecture and digital fabrication CAD/CAM processes in architecture is not new anymore, it started during the last two decades of the XX century, bringing in a new relationship that is not only affecting the way architecture is produced, but is changing the way machines are constructed and conceived for the production of architecture.  At first, the relation between architecture and digital fabrication has been focused on the production of non standard parts and on the speculation of forms as an end itself. Instead I focused on shapes and machines as a means to develop performance based design with efficient fabrication methods.


The aim of this project was to explore the design opportunities arising from three common digital fabrication techniques: CNC milling, Laser Cutting and 3D Printing. Using a sphere and the concept of light diffusion the objective was to have the three digital

fabrication techniques influence the design.



Laser Cutting

3D Printing

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