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Hurricane Irma



Hurricane Irma was a hurricane that struck Florida in September of 2017. There was not much damage from this hurricane however the innocent trees that had not even fallen were being cut down due to the owners being afraid of the just in case. I tried to savage what I could and create a series of designs to display the beauty of the tree. The first was a series of indoor outdoor side tables with blue or green resin to fill the cracks in the trunk section. The gold trim gives the illusion of the wood being dipped in gold, adding another sense of value to the tree. The second design in the series is a chess board, "The game meant for kings", giving the tree trunk an additional sense of value in the eyes of our society. The third design in the series is a clock, this piece was specifically chosen because of the natural decay of the world resembling the decay over time. Time is also to be respected, in society we know time does not follow our rules and we must respect its. The main idea behind all these pieces was to try and elevate this former tree that people considered trash to the level of something we hold high value in society; gold, chess and time.

Side Table

Chess Board


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