May 2014 - January 2015


Immediately after graduating with my Bachelor's in Architecture I began a 6 month project with a private client, Carol Prusa. Carol's statement as an artist is to "seek to communicate what cannot be seen but felt". Carol's work takes you from dawn of time to the unknown, to help understand the universe. With her background in chemistry she approaches this artistic statement with the mindset of a scientist. Specifically, digesting contemporary theories in physics and seeking minimal spaces (like Eclipses), is resulting in work that creates worlds with erotically charged geometries. Carol yearns to realize a radical vision that takes into account chaotic interactions central to the evolution of the universe, to unearth its vital beauty. 

Client Precedent Work

Evolution of Design to Modular

My contribution to her work was to develop the next evolution of design using advanced technologies such as; digital modeling, additive manufacturing and 3 axis CNC routing. In order to accomplish this I used Grasshopper/Rhino for Digital Modeling and a SLS 3D printed Nylon for the Chandelier and sconce. Since the objective was to evolve Carol's painted hemispherical work from 2D to 3D I began to look at the painted parts as individual organism. From studying Carol's work I concluded that I would give myself parameters that I noticed were a part of her artistic style; circular, repeating shape, modular, organic, erotic and evolution. With these parameters I created a modular part contained within a circle and protruding in on direction, similar to the hemispheres. I asked myself what form would this organism evolve to when it went to 3D. 


Lambent Chandelier and Sconce